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안녕 (●^o^●)
My nickname is Kaya :D
I'm a cassie, inspirit, exotic, baby, primadonna, ...
I also love Kdramas <3
I reblog everything I like, mostly kpop - kdrama - korean things~

MC:  You three have never really had to be concerned about your diets, right?

(94/) Yixing gifs: Yixing and his “big” head story… (trans. by 疯狂的贫道)


When the girl’s mom thinks her daughter is ugly because she’s fat. Kai hits something out of frustration while lay just stares at the mom in shock.

I feel like I should go on Hello Counsellor  just so I can get affirmation from both of them.

me everyday: well that was stupid


Are you okay, Tumblr?

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life sucks when you’re one of the uglier fans stanning your bias


SUKIRA [10/23/2012]

Strong Heart Ep 153 

Strong Heart Episode 63

Joo Byung Jin’s Talk Show


Maknae on Top. <3

I want Ranking King Season 2.


what do you mean you can’t hang out i showered for this