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My nickname is Kaya :D
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jimin fighting with the camera

Yoongi keeping Jimin close to him

dani’s teenie weenie gif scenarios: yoongi’s sudden courage

Namjoon being a nice dongsaeng


JIN: what a waste of such a pretty face

SUGA: take it from me guys too much swag can kill

V: hey guys watch this no it’s not dangero-

JHOPE: oh my god my heart feels oh my god oh my god

RAP MONSTER: tell….tell Jimin that he has no jams

JIMIN: *coughs* give this to Rap Mon *coughs* *pulls out a jar of jam*

We all know that Jungkook never dies because as the Golden Maknae, he is basically immortal.

Just another scene when Rapmon facepalmed over V…

Award for best defensive player goes to Hoseok

Award for best defensive player goes to Hoseok